Canadian Shipping

Shipping to Canada

According to Canadian Importing laws, Duties and Taxes (GST, HST and/or Provincial Sales Tax) may be charged to the recipient, based on the Canadian dollar value of the product. Canada Border services is inconsistent with who and when they charge, so we can not say if you order will be charged or not. We are sorry about this but we don't have any control over it. Please note All Prices are in USD.

For more information you can read this from Canada Border Services or Contact Us.

All Items  are shipped from our Reno, NV warehouse. You will receive a tracking number via email, when your oder has shipped.

A $7 Flat Rates apply to all orders under $100. Orders $100 and over we provide free shipping. Our shipping costs reflect our cost to ship products. We do not mark up shipping costs.

Estimated Delivery is 7 Business Days from your order

We are able to exchange all products duty and Tax Free.  We are unable to provide credit for taxes and duties on Returns, as we did not collect them. You can collect a refund of your taxes and duties on returned items through Canada Border Services. We will do all we can to help you in claiming a refund.